Naked Yoga to Empower Women

This is the era of the Feminine. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a teacher, an executive, a mother, an artist, a social worker… we are all born to be leaders.

The most empowering resource we have as women is being a woman! Women are often underrated, but we can always use that to our advantage. Being a woman means manifesting happiness through connection, feeling, intuition, openness in heart and body. As a group of women practicing Naked Yoga together, we are dedicated to unfold the woman you want to be regardless of anyone else’s expectations or societal standards.

As women, we have many facets: the wild woman, the mother, the witch, the fairy, the seductress, the priestess…  We are discovering our own true path, but often times, we have to deal with difficulties such as emotional blocks, financial stresses and physical limitations of our body. Naked Yoga helps women to step into their magnificence as a woman.

Bold and Naked – Women Empowerment


Naked Yoga for Women is dedicated to guide women on their personal journey to empowerment. We recognize the beauty of every woman’s unique body & soul and inspire women to have the courage to break free from from the chains of limiting belief patterns as well as societal conditioning that have kept many of us from seeing our true beauty and power.


It is our intention to create a community of women who support and empower one another to have the body and life we want… OUR way!



Some of the benefits of Naked Yoga for Women include:
– Learn who you truly are
– Free yourself from negative emotions and limiting beliefs about yourself
– Learn to understand yourself
– Learn to love yourself and the people around you
– Gain self-esteem and personal growth
– Learn to trust yourself
– Inspire others


Become free. Be bold. Be naked. Be YOU.

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About Joschi

Hey everyone! This is Joschi and Monika Look, here's the deal - of course every yoga studio brings you peace, harmony, and blah blah blah... but if you crave a more intense, effective and dare we say fun athletic workout combined with real life spirituality, we would love to show you what we can do for you. Here at Bold & Naked Yoga, we are known for being strong and creative - passion is our middle name. Our flows are exciting adventures and an entertaining journey through the mind body connection. At Bold & Naked we believe you're not here to be average, you're here to be awesome. So be bold, be naked and have fun living, you never know who you are inspiring