Yoga, Sex & Chocolate

THE GOOD STUFF… dark chocolate not only may be good for your heart but also may lift your mood, increase your sexual function, and help you live longer.

Of course a large part of chocolate’s appeal lies in its deliciously rich concoction of taste, but chocolate has also been proven to be good for you due to several chemical reactions that are at work! Studies have shown that especially dark chocolate may be good for your heart and as an antioxidant powerhouse, dark chocolate belongs to the same ‘good-for-you’ category as green tea and blueberries.

Chocolate is made from plants, which means they contain many of the health benefits of dark vegetables. Cocoa contains flavonoids – naturally-occurring compounds that act as antioxidants and help counteract the aging process in the body caused by free radicals. Dark chocolate contains nearly eight times the number of antioxidants found in strawberries.

Chocolate is good for your heart!
Research from a study including more than 100,000 subjects at the University of Cambridge found that chocolate consumption is associated with significantly reducing the risk of several cardiovascular disorders and was linked to lower rates of stroke, coronary heart disease and blood pressure.

Fun, Sex and Chocolate
Rumored to be an aphrodisiac  for quiet some time, a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that people who ate dark chocolate on a daily basis had higher sexual function than those who didn’t. Chocolate contains both serotonin, which boosts your mood as well as phenylethylamine, which is believed to mimics the feeling of being in love to the brain’s chemistry. In addition, chocolate contains theobromine – an alkaloid, which is similar to caffeine.

Yoga and Chocolate
Another substance found in chocolate is anandamide (from the Sanskrit word ‘ananda’, which means, happiness, peaceful bliss). It binds to the same receptor sites in the brain as cannabinoids and produces a feeling of elation and exhilaration. The darker the chocolate, the better. Eat only less-processed chocolate that contains at least 65 percent cacao or – even better – raw cacao and give your body and brain a boost.

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