Create The Life You Want

We always want a little bit more out of life and crave new challenges and experiences. Scientists have found that the desire to learn, try new things, be stimulated, explore and test ourselves is in our genes.

We are the creator of our own life, so what are you creating in your life right now? Whether you want to admit it or not, everything that has manifested in your live thus far has been created by your thoughts and where you direct your focus. Everything is energy, your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, breath, muscles, bones, tissues, bodily fluids. So direct the energy in the creation of the life that you want.


Imagine the life you dream about, where you are, what you do and how you feel. When you know what you want, the universe knows what you want and when the universe knows what you want opportunities appear. The truth is, there is only one person responsible for the life you have and that person is you, so take responsibility and stop looking for excuses.


Here are three important steps towards creating the life you want:
1. Clarify where you want to go.
If you could have your dream life, what would it be? Decide what you want and be clear about your goals by writing them down or creating a vision board. Most people don’t get what they want, because they haven’t decided what they want and end up going in circles and wasting energy. Once you decided on your goal, keep your focus, create a plan, believe it is possible and believe in yourself. Don’t let your past, your circumstances or fear stop you. Nothing much happens when you stay in your comfort zone. And if you fail, instead of seeing your attempt as failure, see it as a learning experience in the process of achieving the success and life you dream of.


2. Understand where you are
Self-awareness is the start to your dream life. Know yourself at your core. Observe and understand yourself, your mind, your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, your behavior patterns, your beliefs and values. ‘Bold & Naked‘ believes it all starts with accepting and loving yourself for who you are and Naked Yoga is one way to get to know you better. Strip bare, physically and metaphorically and allow yourself to take of all the masks to show up as you are without disguise. Express yourself authentically, enjoy the physical beauty of your body and learn to understand who and where you are.


3. Become aware of the possibilities
There is no shortage of possibilities in your life, but you have to have aspirations beyond your current day-to-day life. Know and honor the possibilities that drive change in your life. Be true to your authenticity and values and let them guide you throughout your decision making. Let them motivate you and determine how you choose to live your live. A willingness to look at new opportunities can allow us to move forward and create the life we truly desire. Start today and create the life you want.


Become free. Be bold. Be naked. Be YOU.


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About Joschi

Hey everyone! This is Joschi and Monika Look, here's the deal - of course every yoga studio brings you peace, harmony, and blah blah blah... but if you crave a more intense, effective and dare we say fun athletic workout combined with real life spirituality, we would love to show you what we can do for you. Here at Bold & Naked Yoga, we are known for being strong and creative - passion is our middle name. Our flows are exciting adventures and an entertaining journey through the mind body connection. At Bold & Naked we believe you're not here to be average, you're here to be awesome. So be bold, be naked and have fun living, you never know who you are inspiring