Bold & Naked Yoga wishes you a Happy and Healthy Life in 2014

Bold & Naked Yoga in New York City wants to help its students to live a happy and healthy life in 2014. Joschi Schwarz and Monika Werner encourage their students to drop the mask that people put on to hide their real persona and show their true personality by shedding the protective layers of clothing and practice yoga in the nude.

Bold & Naked Yoga’s prescription for 2014 is Naked Yoga.
Everybody wears masks to show the world an edited and decorated version of who we truly are in order to fit in. Showing up to a Nude Yoga class without hiding behind clothing is extremely liberating and will let students experience self-acceptance and self-love.


naked yoga

naked yoga


The reasons people develop a mask are complex, but no doubt culture and society play a big part in shielding parts of one’s true identity. Most of the time, the protective barrier of wearing a mask comes with the human feeling of insecurity and not being good enough.
By shedding the protective layers of clothing and practicing yoga in the nude, Bold & Naked encourages students to show up as they are, to let go of the mask and to embrace imperfections. Joschi Schwarz and Monika Werner – owners of Bold & Naked – want their students to drop the need to be perfect and to discover how much more they are by being themselves.


Nudity is still a venture into the socially taboo realm and the biggest misconception about Naked Yoga is that people equate nudity with sexual activity. It is our mission to help our students to let go of the ego and stay more connected without having to conform to what is socially accepted. Instead of conforming to everybody else’s opinion and searching for outside approval, he encourages his students to develop their passion and be true to themselves.


Bold & Naked Yoga is a catalyst for a great tomorrow and supports its students on the way to find more self-acceptance, self-love and self-realization through Naked Yoga.

Become free. Be bold. Be naked. Be YOU!

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